Top 5 Most Popular Home Security Systems

Unfortunately, domestic crime is growing in number and brutality more and more these days and the best thing you can do is investing your time and consideration in an efficient home security system that will keep your family, household, and home safe and secure. With every passing day the risk of losing valuables and start feeling your personal space invaded grows more and more and you definitely do not want burglars to break into your home, that is for sure. For years and years many households have relied on simple electric alarms for keeping their homes safe. However, these proved to be not that efficient in general and not able to prevent a number of home invasions. Therefore, the demand for a more efficient protection in this context has grown in recent years and this brings us to the technological advancements that the security system industry has experienced and developed recently. As a result, nowadays we can rely on far more effective and improved domestic security systems, learn more about 5 of the most common of them in this article.

Monitored Alarm Systems

One of the most popular home security systems offered on the market nowadays are the monitored alarm systems. These security systems are usually called the enhanced version of a classic local alarm system because they also come with a connection to a monitoring services in addition to the alarm. In the case with monitored alarm systems, if something happens with the system or the alarm gets tripped, you can rely on a professional assistant who will monitor and assist non-stop. In the case that someone enters your home, the professional assistant will then call you to identify them and clear out of this is a false alarm case or a real break-in. In case it is a real intruder entering your home, the assistant will then immediately inform and alert the authorities on your behalf and a burglary will be prevented. The big bonus in the case with monitored alarm systems is that they offer the opportunity to not only keep an eye for a burglary but also for accidents such as fires and carbon monoxide.

Smoke Alarm Systems

In case that home invasion is not your biggest worry and fear but you are rather concerned with accidental fires starting in your home, a smoke alarm system is a great option for you as far as a home security system go. In fact, smoke alarm systems are so popular that you can find them in almost every home nowadays. Such security and safety system will guard your home from fires and smoke. The system consists of series of wireless or hardwired smoke detectors around the house in addition to strobe lights. In addition to the smoke detector alarm system you can opt for extra features such as heat detectors and in-home sprinkler system for maximum security and safety.

Burglar Alarm System

A very popular option for many households considering the high crime era we live in, unfortunately. Burglar alarm systems incorporate window motion detectors and door sensors that can detect if someone is moving too close to the house. In case these detectors and sensors are triggered, a signal is immediately sent to the primary control panel and this will set a loud alarm that will notify you and police that there is a break into your house. Burglar alarm systems are normally monitored by a centrally located keypad. They also can include security signs that keep the intruders out by warning you off when attached to windows and doors.

Medical Alarm System

This is an additional feature to your home security alarm system and it usually consists of rendering an emergency button to the central keypad of the main security system of the house. The button is used for additionally alerting the security organization that someone is in need of medical help. This is a great feature to consider especially if there are elderly or sick people living in the house as it makes it easier for them to get help quickly and to be thoroughly monitored.

Critical Alarm System

This type of home security system is designed to protect you and your home from leaks, even the ones that remain undetected by you. Installing this type of security system will help you prevent expensive property damages or even damages beyond repair. This type of alarm and security system is able to monitor your plumbing and heating while you are not at home and inform you in case something is wrong, which provides you with the opportunity to react quickly and on time.